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Version 2Patrick Brown is the author of Moral Ambiguity (2011), Tossed Off the Edge (2014), Murdered Justice (2017), Pennington’s Hoax (2018), and Ghost Lake (2020). Patrick was classically trained as a musician, but early on discovered his love of writing. His keen observational skills, scathing wit, and sense of humor shine through in his plots, settings, and memorable characters.

Having worked in several fields, including the arts, civil rights, and politics, Patrick has broadened his knowledge of human nature, and frequently transforms personalities and situations into captivating stories and not-so-subtle social commentary.

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Moral Ambiguity is the story of famous singing star Kevin Gregory, who decides to come clean with his many fans and write a tell-all book about his years spent as the secret boy-toy of America’s most famous and sinister televangelist.

Filled with unforgettable characters such as Claudia Stronghorn, TV personality Vicky Lynn Creekmore (think Tammy Faye Bakker!) and the unbelievably mendacious leader of the Pious Plurality Jimmy Standridge (think of any TV preacher with too much power!), Patrick takes readers on a delightful journey in and out of New York society, a Christian  theme park, a media empire, and one scandal after another with hilarious results.

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Tossed Off the Edge is a tribute to the divas of daytime soap operas, a genre which has all but faded from the American cultural landscape. “Tossed” is the story of fictional television star Sheila Wozniak who has been adored by millions of fans for decades. After 40 years of portraying the long-suffering Regina Knight Harrison Donavan Taylor Donavan McDonald McDonald Woodward Merriweather Todd, Sheila has been fired from her show The Edge of Conflict! Not knowing what to do with her life in retirement, she engages her former show’s head writer (coincidentally named Patrick Brown) to ghost write her autobiography. The actress begins with her humble start and her lucky breaks before bearing her soul and talking about her sordid domestic problems, which have a familiar ring to them. The fictional Patrick Brown begins to notice that Ms. Wozniak’s marriages, spiritual pilgrimages, difficult children, and dangerous stalker bear a striking resemblance to the plots of old movies and television shows.

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Murdered Justice is a departure from humor, but Patrick’s vivid imagination and fluid writing come through all the same. Described by Mid Atlantic Book Reviewers as “A superior crime thriller…” Murdered Justice introduces readers to investigative journalist Maggie Lyon whose career has languished in the Lifestyles section of a big-city newspaper. Asked to cover an exclusive weekend gathering at a Hollywood mansion, Maggie wakes up to discover that one of the guests, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Vittorio Scarpia, has died in the night. Maggie soon realizes that Scarpia was murdered and begins her own investigation. Arrests are made, but has Maggie gotten it wrong? After reexamining the details, mysterious phone calls resume, old names resurface and a suspect dies before the killer can be exposed!

Pennington’s Hoax is available at Amazon or directly from W&B Publishers

Pennington’s Hoax is Maggie Lyon’s second adventure. Investigative journalist and author of the best-selling Murdered Justice, Maggie finds herself up to her neck in trouble as she gets sucked into another strange case. Called upon to interview one of America’s most beloved authors, Maggie sets out to learn whether or not the reclusive Ely Pennington actually penned her famous classic novel Rebel’s Last Yell or if she took credit for someone else’s hard work. Maggie’s trouble is that the author passes away before they can meet. Determined to get to the bottom of Pennington’s Hoax – if there has actually been a hoax, the intrepid reporter is the first to realize that Pennington might have been murdered. Maggie pursues clue after clue only to hit one dead end after another. For some reason her sources keep dying or disappearing before the truth can finally be discovered. Then suddenly the relentless Maggie becomes the killer’s target!

Ghost Lake is Maggie Lyon’s third story. Her celebrity chef husband Mark-Mario has decided that his hard-working wife deserves a rest. He surprises her with the perfect hideaway at the base of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest, but is an urbanite journalist like Maggie going to be happy living in seclusion? She insists that she’s too far away from the criminal cases she’d rather be investigating, but agrees to support Mark-Mario’s new business venture and give life in rural Perth, Washington a chance.

Ghost Lake is the third Maggie Lyon saga.

No matter how hard she tries, Trouble has a way of finding Maggie, and it isn’t long until local problems become hers. A young woman who recently started working for Maggie is found lying unconscious in a field after Maggie overhears a heated argument between the woman and her fiancée. Maggie informs the local sheriff, and the suspect declares his innocence before eluding the authorities.

There’s more trouble with an unreliable farm hand who doesn’t like taking orders from a woman, and why are FBI agents showing up at the front door to inquire about a 40 year-old cold case? What does D. B. Cooper and his famous “drop zone” have to do with Maggie? And why does Maggie have difficulty in locating Mark-Mario when his new restaurant is less than ten minutes from home?

Friends and family aren’t who Maggie thought they were, and among the secrets are hidden rooms, a vast communication system, and a fugitive from justice waiting in the shadows. Clues pile up and the past is revealed.

Murdered Justice, Pennington’s Hoax, and Ghost Lake are published by W&B Publishers

Patrick is planning more adventures for Maggie Lyon, and he’s also working on a couple of plays and screenplays. He regularly contributes articles to this blog to stay in touch with readers.

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Patrick has also appeared onstage several times at the world-famous The Comedy Store in Hollywood: Patrick, at The Comedy Store

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